All-solid-state cw sodium D2 resonance radiation based on intracavity frequency-doubled self-Raman laser operation in double-end diffusion-bonded Nd3+:LuVO4 crystal.


We report for the first time (to our knowledge) cw orange-yellow emission at 589 nm from a compact double-end diffusion-bonded Nd(3+):LuVO(4) self-Raman laser with intracavity frequency doubling in LiB(3)O(5), pumped by an 880 nm diode laser. A 3.5 W cw orange-yellow emission with an overall diode-to-visible conversion efficiency of 13.3% is achieved through the use of an 18-mm-long double-ended diffusion-bonded Nd(3+):LuVO(4) crystal. The M(2) factors are 1.35 and 1.74 in both the horizontal and vertical dimensions, respectively.


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